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HSBC publishes new ESG update

The bank has pledged to help 1 million people develop the skills they need to thrive in the modern workplace by 2020.

Belt and Road up and running

HSBC’s Peter Wong explains how China’s ambitious plan to improve links with its trading partners is taking shape around the world.

Could the sweet spot turn sour?

The global economic recovery is set to continue. But risks remain.

Annual General Meeting

HSBC Holdings plc will hold its AGM on 20 April 2018 in London.

The changing face of Southeast Asia

Demographic shifts – from changing birth rates to ageing populations – are shaping the region's economic prospects.

Companies are showing remarkable agility in navigating the changing trade policy landscape
Noel Quinn, Chief Executive, Global Commercial Banking, HSBC
discusses firms’ attitudes to international trade

Meet our new Group Chief Executive

John Flint discusses HSBC's competitive strengths, his priorities for the future, and his plans to accelerate the bank's growth.

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